CREW Dallas crew 2021: Half our pro sports teams suck, the other two are decent but not top tier


I can ride my bike with no handlebars.
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Sep 17, 2002
Dallas, TX
24KW Generac, whole home can be run on it, only restriction is "load shedding" on my 4ton a/c unit to basically be on a delayed start.
I've been tempted to go down this route but I just don't see myself being in my current place for too much longer. Maybe two more years max.

I will definitely have something similar at my next place.
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Looks like I picked the wrong week....
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Jul 21, 2004
The Potato Field
Hrmf. Boss oooopsd and i got a glimpse into my mid year review......

despite releasing a "pretty big thing" that was hugely successful along with a lot of other advancements in our product........"meets expectations" across the board.

I'm on week 5 of waiting for an answer to my boss and AVP to the question of "what do i need to do to get promoted"

today i shared the results and the fact I'd asked my leadership with our business ambassador and they were pretty pissed (due to our politics.....this may have been a pretty big fuse). Figure if they're going to fuck around then I'll find a way to make them find out.


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Aug 3, 2005
Having a single option for power who just doubled their kwh charges is making me not care what the actual payback is.
That’s reacting with your feelings though, I’m a math guy and if I’m not getting a payback on solar in less than 5 years count me out


Bully Troll Crew
Aug 3, 2005
@DasVWBabe I just got around to watching The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent and remembered you have a Nic Cage obsession.

I thought it was pretty stupid but it actually worked lol Nic and Pedro were great tho, no regrets :rofl:

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