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May 5, 2000
Home of the Texas Rangers
Hello, hi. Have you ever met 75, 45, and/or 35? ;)
35W has been under construction since I moved to DFW initially in 1977.

But how many construction zones have been continuously worked on for 6 years in such a relatively small area? Basically a 2 mile by 1.5 mile area.

635 between 75 and 35E got all new main lanes, all new frontage roads and the race track underneath in 3 1/2 years. And didn't the NTTA widen 121 and 190 to 4 lanes in about 18 months? . In 6 years of the 30/360 work, just 2 of 8 ramps are completed. None of the new HOV lanes concrete is laid down.

Its going to get really bad again when 6 Flags and Hurricane Harbor are open daily again.

Rev. Johnny Vegas

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Jun 13, 2001
US 59 in Houston says "hold my beer". Its been under construction for years, and it's gotten even worse now that that entire section of US 59 was absorbed into I-69.

Even the massive I-10 expansion to ~20-24 lanes was finished faster than anything can ever be done on 59.
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Rev. Johnny Vegas

Make Ministry synth pop again
Jun 13, 2001
They barely snuck in. But they've taken Calgary to a game 7.
The Pens took the rangers to OT of game 7, but just lost. Disappointing after being up 3-1 without the Jarry or DeSmith for almost all of the series. Even more disappointing since this may be the end of the Big Three. :wtcd::wtcd::wtcd:
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Looks like I picked the wrong week....
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Jul 21, 2004
The Potato Field
so...the other day i ordered more rocks to finish the job i started.

when you buy online you get these 3 options. First time i used 'scheduled delivery' and it was next day, but $90. This time i selected 'ship to home' since i had stuff to do. The tracking info says they're shipping 1.25 tons of rocks to me, from atlanta for free (3 day delivery)

Not sure how that works out for home depot since teh scheduled delivery actually came from my nearby store (and they had plenty in stock).;.....seems like it woulid be cheaper for them to just eat the money and bring them from the local distributor/store


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