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    boring, but it's a slow day

    Dana White on "Off The Record"
    By Gary Whittaker | February 08, 2008

    Dana White was on TSN's Off The Record with Michael Landsberg on Thursday's show. While he only participated in the "next question" segment, he still had some interesting things to say. Here is a transcript of the interview:

    ML: Dana, what's the capital of Canada?
    DW: (laughs) Quebec?

    ML: ah, Quebec would definitely not be the capital of Canada! You're a Vegas guy, did you win any money on the Super Bowl?
    DW: No, I didn't win any money on the Super Bowl, I am a Patriots fan, and I didn't think they were gonna cover.

    ML: Then you should have bet against them doofus.
    DW: Nah, I couldn't do that. I couldn't do that. That's bad Karma.

    ML: What the best thing about mixed martial arts?
    DW: It's the most exciting combat sport in the's the most exciting sporting event in the world.

    ML: What the worst thing about mixed martial arts?
    DW: Renewing contracts.

    ML: You used to manage Chuck Liddell, why does that guy have a beer belly?
    DW: (laughs) I don't know, that's just the way he is built. He can't get abs, it's impossible.

    ML: How do you think Tito Ortiz will do on Celebrity Apprentice.
    DW: I don't know. He is a weasil. He'll probably make it far.

    ML: When was the last time you watched a Jenna Jameson movie?
    DW: (laughs) I can't stand Jenna Jameson, I wouldn't watch any of her movies.

    ML: So then you are not a member of
    DW: I am definitely not a member.

    ML: How many energy drinks does Joe Rogan drink before the start of a TV broadcast?
    DW: (laughs) Actually, I think if Joe Rogan drank an energy drink, he'd explode. I don't think he drinks any.

    ML: Give me one word to describe Randy Couture.
    DW: Legendary.

    ML: Give me one word to describe Vince McMahon.
    DW: Genius.

    ML: Who has the worst entrace music in the UFC.
    DW: Oh, I got the answer..Terry Martin.

    ML: Who comes up with the titles for your Pay Per View events?
    DW: Me and my marketing staff.

    ML: How do you guys get away from the numbers? Because it's eventually going to sound stupid, "UFC 273, the battle of ancient warriors".

    DW: I could not agree with you more. It's hard to get away from the numbers. We tried, and a...people just keep numbering them, so we have to. ML: What grade where you when you got on your first fight?

    DW: Probably fourth...fourth grade.

    ML: So who would win in a fight? You, a former [COLOR=#300! important][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, Geneva, sans-serif][COLOR=#300! important][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, Geneva, sans-serif]aerobics[/FONT][/FONT][/COLOR][/COLOR] intructor, or Shane McMahon?

    DW: (laughs) Me.
    ML: And finally, what would you look like with Don King's hair?
    DW: Actually I was him for Holloween last year. I looked pretty stupid.

    ML: You know what, thanks for doing this. And it is UFC 83 April 19th in Montreal. Good luck with that. DW: Thanks
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