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    Ok here is the situation.

    I have a 200GB hard drive that I can not access. On this drive are about 2gb of photos that I never backed up and I would love to retreive somehow.

    When I plug the IDE cable into the drive (and the power plug) my system does recognize that there is a drive there. If I look at properties for it it will tell me that it is a 200gb drive and that 141gb are used. When I try to expand the drive to look at the folders in it, I get a message stating that the drive is not formated, would I like to format now? I obviously say no cause I do not want to erase what is there.

    Is there any easy solution to this? There is on OS on this drive, it was used for storage only. but my main drive does have xp pro. I am not the most computer savvy individual but I know a little here and there.

    I have consulted a computer recovery place here locally adn they want 250 if they are able to recover the data. If tey are unable to recover the data, they will send it out and have it done someplace else. Now I know they are just usig basic principals that I just do not know.

    So what programs or tips or tricks can I try? This drive failed 2 years ago so I have been patiently waiting hoping that sometime I will stumble upon something to get this info off.


    oh and this is a Seagate drive and Seatools dont do shit
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