Dating older women (+ story on how i met her)

Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by driftwell, Oct 10, 2006.

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    I'm 23 and the girl is 29

    I'm aware that a 29 yr old female will have a different thought process than a girl closer to my age. But... as far as the "courtship" or "pursuit" goes... is it still the same for all girls?

    I'm assuming by this age she's gone through her share of "jerk/assholes" and thus the "jerk" attitude isn't as appealing anymore.

    Well lemme explain how i met her and yall can tell me how to proceed.

    I was spinning at a bar/club (i'm a DJ). After my set was over I went to the bar to grab a drink with some buddies. By now, my buddies and I have flirted/conversed with all of the waitresses, know'em by name, have developed a good advantage (from the perspective of getting drinks with ease). So I get my drink despite the crowd and lines. I look across to find a cute chick that looks like she's been standing there forever. She gives me a couple of glances. She's prolly been staring though because at my drunken stage, I don't comprehend these subtle hints as well. But nonetheless my buddy re-affirmed with me that she was definately staring at me. So I acknowledged that and smiled back and kinda gave her the "wuts wrong" look. And through the blasting music, I only made out, "Its cuz i'm a girl, thats why i can't get a drink". So I smiled, motioned for her to come over and asked her what she wanted. She handed me money (good cuz i'm not one to buy a girl i don't know drinks). I called the waitress over and told her what I wanted, and got my drinks fast. Gave it to her and her friend and said, "that wasn't too bad now was it?" with a smile. She replied, "thats easy for you mr. popular". I felt super ultra confident man after i heard that haha.

    So I asked for her name and asked who she knew there. Come to find out she rolled with one of the boys from the crew (crew being the DJ crew). So I backed off at that point unsure if i was stepping on anyones toes. But later I found out that she's free game! But it was already too late as she had left when I found this out. I did get to dance with her a little bit though.

    Anyways, I'm in the process of trying to find out more about her since my buddies are friends with her. Possibility of setting something up soon. So just trying to get some tips and suggestions for anyone who's ever been in this situation.

    *cliffs* too lazy to summarize it.... go read :)
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    I'd say just go with the flow; be yourself, and if she doesn't like that then oh well. I mean, just because she's older (29 isn't really that old, frankly) doesn't mean she's automatically going to think a certain way. Especially if she's friends with some of your friends, you can probably bet she acts/thinks in a similar fashion to your friends.

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