SRS Dating parents' friends' daughter a good idea?

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by dinger, Jun 23, 2005.

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    Okay, so my parents' friends have a daughter that I feel like I get along with really well, and would love to start something with her. My parents also like her a lot since she does really well in school and has a good relationship with her parents. Now, I've never expressed my interest with her because I don't want to piss off her parents.

    Anyway, the other thing is the age difference. I'm 23 and she's 17. I've known her for quite a few years and always felt like I got along with her but never made a move because I wanted to wait until the age difference between us became less significant. Also, her dad is really protective of her, so don't want to piss him off. And of course, I'm concerned that if things go wrong between us, that it'll ruin the relationship between my parents and her parents. The last thing is that if she isn't interested in me, I fear that it'll make the relationship between me and her (and hence my parents and her parents) complicated. I have a healthy friendship with her but never brought up a relationship at all.

    Since my mom likes her, she really wants me to hook up with her. However, I'm afraid that doing so would cause other problems. Any thoughts?
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    ONLY if you know what you're doing and if you're asking... you don't. There are so many women out there, you don't need this kind of trouble.
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    Her mosa? ITS MY MOSA!!!
    Wait till she is 19 ish, she is not going anywhere. You've got nothing but time.
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    Just be prepared to accept the fact that both your parents and hers will have expectations and hopes for you as a couple, more than might be expected normally speaking. (This is assuming her parents are ok with it.) Just make sure you're going into the relationship for you and not your/her parents. More importantly, if it doesn't work out, don't stay in the relationship because your parents (or hers) had high hopes.

    edit: I agree with the advice to wait until she is a little older. No girl at that age knows what she wants. More than likely she'd be happy to enter a relationship with you but feel like she missed out on experiencing life around the age of 19/20. Has she had serious boyfriends already?
  5. I can't advise here. What do you think is the best course of action?
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    So... the facts are:

    she's 17
    You're 23
    your mom wants you to be with her
    her dad is extremely protective of her

    I would have a candid talk with your mom, since she is supportive of this little gambit you've got planned, and bring up these issues.

    The fact that you've been very cautious of even getting into this before, for fear of running afoul of the dad tells me all I need to know about the dad. You basically already know how he would probably react.

    Discuss this with your mom. If she's that good friends with the other parents, she'll be able to have a casual offhand parents-only type discussion with them about this.

    You'll either get the green light or not.

    Then you've only got the regular issues to worry about. i.e. will it be weird between me & her if it doesn't work out, etc etc. But that's no big deal.

    Oh and it goes without saying: if you do start dating her, NO SEX till she's 18.
    I would imagine that fucking his 17 year old daughter would be a good way to get that dad to start hating you.
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    too young, wait 2 years.
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    Sounds like your going to be in deep shit if you do this. *pulls up red flag*

    Think about it, if things go wrong it will escalate mayhem between you,her your parents and their friends. And along with the age factor i would leave it alone.

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