SPORTS Dave Kaplan and Lawlor drank each other's piss on the show

Captain Amazing

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May 23, 2003
So having heard this, these "Rhinobucks" became a bargaining tool inside the house. I think the bet was something around 100 Rhinobucks to take a shot of urine. Tom was the first to accept the bet and peed in a shot glass, but before he could take it, Dave jumped in front of him and took it down. Not to be outdone by Dave, Tom then chugged a whole Solo cup of urine. Dave now, not to be outdone by Tom, starts peeing in a glass -- as does Tom once again. Not that this was bad enough, but when they get done peeing in each glass, they look at each other and switch glasses so they have each other's urine and both proceed to drink the whole glasses down. This was one of the most disgusting things that I have ever witnessed, and I was actually dry heaving. (Even though I had just ingested urine soaked fruit.)

From Ryan Bader's blog.

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