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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by On_One, May 11, 2004.

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    Thought i would post this i often see people on this board telling others that replacing the stock HU is absolutley essential (even when budget is a major concern). I myself have been saying for quite a while that if set up properly a Stock HU can perform as well if not better than most mid level priced HU's.

    I do realize that pretty much any stock HU won't give MP3 playback or other various features features but for many people this is a non factor.

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    Ive got a Navone LOC and it performs fantastic. When you consider the "stealth" factory look of keeping the factory deck, as well as the money saved, going with a LOC is almost always a great idea.
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    It all really comes down to what the user wants and what their budget is. For some mp3 playback, flashy displays, and beiging able to tweek 101 things are improtant. For me it wasn't so i opted to keep the Lexus stock head unit (6-disc changer, line level outputs) and spent the 400 i would of the deck on a couple of Audio Control EQT's :big grin:.
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    Dave Navone sent that to me On-One!

    I posted it in the forums at elitecaraudio.com. I wanted to keep my stock HU for my escalade '03 and, thank goodness. Dave Agreed.

    Great work posting it here, though!

    I've been a looooonnnnnngggg time OT member.
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    :big grin: You caught me ;)
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    it sucks for GM and FORD owners though(2 brands i know offhand that are not exactly clean sources, and deal with daily), to keep their factory head units(that's why they usually come back a month later to get an aftermarket unit complaining they wasted the $40 for the LOC.).

    GM factory units while the rears are mono, the volume from the rears stop at 1/2(added on subs through the LOC get no louder at 1/2 and above.) while the fronts still climb with the volume knob(which after that point seem to get muddied anyway.).

    FORD factory units seem to boost the lower frequencies, therefore they are not a flat response(very thumpy bass heavy, not much for mids or highs.).
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    :hs: Yeah thats the problem with my Mustang too. I have the loc running off the rear channels and it does sound wierd. Eventually I will have to upgrade to an aftermarket deck because of this :rant:
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    Numbers don't mean a lot to me in this subject, I go with my ears... I've never heard a stock n loc sound nearly as good as an aftermarket, stronger preouts through speaker wires or not...

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