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    Hey guys

    I'm really fed up with this new laptop's OS (Vista). Unfortunately, my old computer that had XP and Ubuntu on it died (UPS died) so I'm holding off on fixing this. Got a few questions.

    I know Ubuntu is based on Debian so the differences are really minimal. I understand that the Terminal input is slightly different (you have to log in as root to do administrative commands instead of the sudo command in ubuntu). not a big deal really. Would it be any more difficult than Ubuntu?

    Also, my buddy has Fedora installed as well as a cd or something with the latest installer on it so I could just use that. As far as basic computing needs and such, would Fedora be better/worse/different for me and how different is it?

    And finally, I know that Ubuntu 7.10 has Compiz Fusion already integrated with it, as well as the ver. of Fedora my buddy is using. This is a plus because I plan on using it. I installed Beryl on Ubuntu 6.10 before it was integrated with the OS so its possible for me to do it but it was a real headache. Does Debian come with compiz fusion or would I have to do a manual install?

    Thanks guys.

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