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Jul 9, 2008
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I was going to post this in On Topic but thought I would get better responses here seeing how On Topic has been overrun by idiots.

I was at my parent's house last weekend helping to make some Christmas candy :)bowdown:). I started talking to my mom about marriage and the reasons people stay and the reasons they leave. She is a very smart woman and I wish I had the maturity to listen to her when I was younger. She explained her thinking to be:

Love is not a deciding factor in marriage. Marriage has a foundation of commitment and walls of trust. Love just helps to hold everything together. But people who don't love eachother can still stay together because they are commited to the relationship. When shit hits the fan, people usually get divorced not because they don't love eachother, but because they are no longer committed to the relationship. If someone is invested in the success of the relationship, they will continue to try and work things out because of that. Just because the trust is betrayed doesn't mean that it can't be earned again and just because the heart is broken doesn't mean it can't be mended.

There are 3 types of love: Brotherly love, romantic love and familiar love. She loves my dad differently than she loves me just like I love my roomate differently than I love my sister. As mentioned before, love is a glue, or a mortar, that helps to hold relationships together, but it isn't of what the foundation should be made.


I think she has something going on here. People stay together because they are committed and invested in eachother. Love is just the oil that helps maintain the machine.

What does the Vag think?


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Aug 30, 2003
Twin Cities, MN
I also think that many people rush to get married when they think they are in love, especially common in peoples late-teens and early 20's.

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