Dell & Drivers Issue?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by DatacomGuy, Oct 10, 2004.

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    I was handed a slightly used Inspiron 5150 to fix up for a friend of mine. They wanted to reformat and reload XP plus some basic programs for him, but he had none of the original software.

    I own my own copy of XP Pro, so I loaded that on there.. Of course Dell's stuff is so proprietary that I had to go to their site to get all the drivers (audio, NIC, modem, video). Loaded everything up.

    Two issues.

    1. Now when the laptop boots up, it comes up with "This system has recovered from a critical error" and it wants to do that send the error report crap.. Doesn't seem to have any other problems in regards to the drivers, everything works just fine (haven't tried the modem, I don't have a phone line :mamoru: ). It's not so much as a problem, as i just don't want this popping up everytime I boot up the machine. Obviously everything works fine (minus see question #2). I just can't give this back with error messages popping up all over the place.

    2. To get some basic functions setup like USB and PCMCIA support, you have to load Dell's "Notebook Software Suite" or whatever its called. Basically gives you drivers for USB, PCMCIA slot, some other basic stuff. I downloaded, and when I go to load it says "This software was designed for use with another OS." and it closes. I'm assuming its wanting to load onto XP Home, which I do not own.

    So WTF on both of these errors? Anyone have a clue?

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