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Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Skoles, Sep 7, 2005.

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    A while back my car (2k Cougar) got whacked by a '68 Chevelle. I was parked and the little old lady was trying to park next to me. She pretty much caught just behind the passenger door & put a nice 12" crease from the bumper. The sheet metal also indented quite a bit as well.

    I pulled the interior panel & speaker off and was able to get to a majority of the area with ease. Enough to push the largest part of the indent back out at least (no pics avail). I tried some light tapping & pounding with what little room I had to work with and didn't do much. I have a dent puller that I'm going to try on the remaining portions to see if it'll work better now, but I have a guy I work with who has the tools for hammering out dents he'll lend me.

    Are there any sites or recommended books I can check out that will help me get most of this out?

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    check in your local area for a PDR guy(Paintless Dent Removal).. they can get out a pile of really bad dents, and they usually can for a really good price! If that doesnt work. leave teh dent there until you can afford to get it professionally done . if you crack the paint or in any way break the seal of the paint to the metal you will also have to deal with rust as well as the dent.
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    I called PDR a while back. They wanted $100 for the panel & $30 per inch over the size of their business card.

    I attacked it this weekend and took out a TON of the damage. What's left is some damage I couldn't quite get out that I think only specialized machinery could. I'll probably take it back to them and see what they say. I'll grab some pics tomorrow.

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