SRS Depressed about unemployment


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Aug 5, 2006
Ever since I've been out of school, I haven't been able to find a permanent full time job. While I was in college, I had many gaps in between jobs and I believe this is hurting me now. I don't have a lot of experience in my field (accounting) either. Since graduation, I've been able to find temp jobs here and there but nothing permanent and they weren't really accounting related positions. I've been working part time at a retail store and am feeling depressed about my career. I've read all kinds of books on interviewing and improving my resume. I've tried networking. I've gone on all the different job sites such as careerbuilder, monster, hotjobs, craigslist, etc. I've looked in newspapers. I have sent out, emailed, faxed my resume and never get a call back except from temp agencies. When I follow up, the positoin is either taken or they say they are in the process of looking at applications.

I don't know what else to do...I need some tips from any of you who have been in this situation! I really regret not working harder while in college..and trying to gain experience. Most of my friends are doing well now and I feel like I am stuck in place...not going anywhere w/my career!


If the game ain't money, then I ain't playing.
Aug 27, 2003
Have you tried your local newspaper website and applying directly to companies that interest you? I know for most government contractors (northrop gruman, CSC, SAIC, etc.) it is better to apply directly through their website :hsughno:

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