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    Well I went to the Detail King Seminar this past weekend, and all I can say what an inspirational seminar and very educational. I arrived on Friday, but it did not begin till Sat morning. I had to drive about 6 hours to get there and I waited for Saturday to roll around. Well the first day was held in the same hotel I was staying at. When I first walked in the conference room I was greated by a gentleman in nice suite attire. Little did I know, this was the president of the company himself.

    Many more a total of 20 all togther rolled in and I got to hear all the stories. Many were from California, Las Vegas, Conneticut, Tennessee, Indiania, Chicago and many more. I said to myself, this must be a great seminar if people paid that much money to get here. Well the first day rocked and I enjoyed it so much. It went on for about 8 hours that day with a nice lunch break. The owner told us his story and how he loves detailing with a passion. He handed out some great material on marketing, talked about it with giving plenty of notes, answering questions and overall just very informative aspects of getting customers, creating flyer, how to close the deal, location, mobile detailing and so much more.

    Well the next day the training was going to start at about 9:30 am. I went outisde and again the owner was to lead the way in his beautiful Navigator that shined like no other. He left his numerous corvettes from what I heard at his home and show cars. We make the way to the training spot and at first I was like what the hell. It was very plain and bare on the ouside with just a small sign saying detail king. Well then the garage door opened and I couldnt believe my eyes. One of the nicest detail shops I have ever seen. Everything was well organized, the best machines money car buy, water reclaim mats, tons of polishers, chemicals and more.

    About 5 pro trainers were standing by to get the fun started. I learned alot even though I knew alot, I learned alot more. Everything about detailing. Using ozone machines, engine washing the safe and correct way, different machines, extractors and much more. I paid 300 dollars for the whole deal an would do it again in a heartbeat. I do not like Pittsburgh Pa in Monroeville way to much traffic.

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