Detailed: 2005 Lincoln Aviator

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    This is a ride owned by a local business man. He puts alot of miles on his cars. This has 61k in a 1 1/2 years! He just got back from the beach and it had a TON of water spots on it.

    Here's the kicker. He didn't want to spend alot on it since he is gonna trade it next month. So, I didn't want to go into multiple steps on this one.
    What to use?
    The only 1 stepper I have is Meguiar's #6 Cleaner Wax.
    I used it with my new EDGE Orange pad (medium cut).

    Boy was I amazed!

    This stuff really did well with this pad. To bad there's ALOT of orange peel on this car.

    Meguiar's NXT Car Wash
    Meguiars #6 Cleaner Wax
    (Used with EDGE 2000 Orange Medium Cut Pad set on #4 on PC)
    Final Inspection Wipe Down
    Hyper Dressing on tires

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    Looks great for a one step job. #6 and #20 Polymer Sealant (which has light cleaning abilities) are great to have around if you need to one step something. #66 is also good, and about as much cutting ability as #80.
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    Very very good looking...nice job!
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    shittttt blannngggg blannnngg

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