Detailed the 350Z Roadster today

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Ballast, Oct 8, 2004.

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    Okay, so you guys remeber the thread about the guy getting ripped off at work. Well, he brought me his car today. It was a little dirty from the rain, but still in great shape.

    Washed with mother's car wash, then clayed with a new meguiars clay bar.
    The car was basically a giant swirl mark. So I hit it with DACP on a polishing pad (as suggested to me because on my car I got some marring from the DACP on the cutting pad).
    Then I hit it with SFP on a cutting pad. My VM hasn't arrived yet, so I did a round of S100 SEC on a polishing pad. That seemed to really bring out the shine. Then a layer of EX-P, and topped with #16.
    Did the floor mats with woolite and the windows with eagle 20/20. Dressed the tires with Meguiars Endurance and did the fender-wells and dash with 303 AP.

    He nearly shit himself when he showed up tonight to get the car from my house. Sure it was dark so he only saw it in the (well lit) flourescent light of my garage, but I have to admit it did look good.

    No pics. They are on my camera, but my brother has my USB cable. Should have pics this weekend.

    Unfortunately, I only got out about half of the swirl marks. But he didn't care. He didn't think I'd be able to get any of them out. I told him I'd only charge him $200 instead of $250 because I couldn't get all the swirls out. He stuff $260 (because the bank machine gave him all $20 bills) in my hand and said "I don't care. You're my man now. We'll have to do this in the spring. I have a few friends I'm going to give your number to too."

    So even though I'm slightly unhappy with my work, it seems to have worked our really well. Guess I still need a lot of practice with my PC.
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    Great Dennis Miller quote. Look forward to the pics!

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