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    I just bought some today because I couldnt find anythign else, I know this should proabbly be posted in the "this'll buff right out" forum, but i'll probably post in both places..

    so the step should be

    wash car
    wash again if needed
    Meguiars step 1 paint cleaner
    Meguiars step 2 polisher
    meguiars nxt
    meguiars #26

    would this do pretty well on a light coloured car?

    Also, a friend of mine has a rotary buffer that he says I can use, its 3000rpm and 10" the kind that you use the bonnets on, I know everyone says if you use it make sure to use it properly or you will mess it up, but where can I read up on how to use a rotary buffer correctly?
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    You can read up on how to use a rotary properly but that doesn't mean you can do it without a lot of practice. 3000 rpm is way too fast anyway. Usually, you'd work in the 1200-1800 rpm range and use either 6.5" or 8" foam pads. A PC is much safer to use for the average weekend detailer.

    The Meguiars step system is designed to work by hand so that is how you should use them. Your steps sound fine to me.

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