Detailing the car a few days before event, how can I keep it clean?

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Hym3n, Sep 20, 2005.

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    Time is short between work and school, and I plan on detailing the car tomorrow evening and finishing up in my garage latenight. Friday I have plans to take the GF to homecoming, and want the car to still be immaculate, even after the ~100 miles I'll probably put on it between the detailing and the game itself.

    After Friday, I have plans to drive to Austin/San Antonio for a weekend car meet, and again, would like the car to look immaculate. I just picked up a California Car Duster, will this do the trick to remove road grime/bugs/dirt between washings?

    Also--here's my list of what's going on the car. It's my first time to detail this car so I'm going all out.

    Wash - Meguiar's NXT stuff
    Glass - Eagle 20/20
    Clay - Mother's
    Cleaner - combination of Meguiar's Diamond Cut 2.0, Scratch-X, Rubbing Compound, and 2000grit wetsandpaper for some really tough spots
    Polish - 3M Imperial Hand Glaze
    Sealant - Poorboy's EX-P
    Wax - P21S S100

    ..all with the appropriate terrycloth/microfiber towels/applicators. Can't wait :)
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    If you are not using a rotary, you won't be able to break down the abrasives in Diamond cut, let alone remove wetsanding marks.

    A quick detail spray should be enough to clean the car up after the drive.

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