did i get some good stuff ?

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Guest, Jun 21, 2002.

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    um ok i went and got some shit today i was wondering if i got anything good it was all on sale at napa so i bought it

    meg 00 wash 2.99

    meg 07 3.99

    meg yellow wax um i think 26 4.85

    eagle 20/20 1.99

    simple green um i dont rember

    wizard microfibers buy 3 get 2 free 7.99 a piece

    and various assorted rags brushes ect ect

    um i spent 42.00 on this stuff and im gonna try it out tommarow on my friends moms pink(was red about 3 years ago) pathfinder
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    If the Pathfinder is oxidized (and if it is pink, it probably is and it isn't clear coated), you are going to need something stronger than #7 to remove the dead paint. You will at least need to use #9 first and possibly #2 also (use #2, then #9, then #7). Everything on your list is pretty good stuff, I just don't think the #7 is going to be strong enough to remove oxidation.

    You also might want to pick up a clay bar-Clay Magic's is the best consumer bar-only $9.99 at AutoZone.
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    Rats, after seeing this post, I stopped by my local NAPA to stock up on a few things, but all of the above items where at their normal price.
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    i think its becuse my local napa is full of a bunch of dumbass hillbillys that think turtle wax is the bomb ad that you need to scrub the dirt while its still on the car .. they tried to sell me turtle wax and told me that that shit ruled

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