GUN differences between car15 and m4a1 carbine

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by MuffinMan, Jan 28, 2003.

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    what are the diferences between the two? thanks, am just curious
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    i believe the car15 is 9mm, and the m4a1 is 5.56 there are probably more differences i'm not aware of.
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    All m4 are carbines but not all carbines are not m4.

    Make sence?

    There are several varitaions of the M-16 , not including all the civilian AR 15 spin offs

    Here is a link to help sort through the military versions including the REAL M-16 m4.
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    Mostly minor functional differences, which i'm afraid i'm not a rabid enough AR junkie to name offhand. forums will net you the best answers.

    The CAR15/XM-177 was originally just a M16A1 with the standard barrel chopped to 10" and the gas system shortened accordingly. Around 1967, they updated the weapon to A2 specs and gave the barrel another 1.5". The CAR15 lives on today in the Colt "Commando" series.

    The M4 carbines still a standard barrel, 14.5" and step cut for easy compatibility with grenade launchers and shotguns. The gas system has been paid closer attention to and they tend to be more reliable than their older brothers, but they still share the problem of barrels overheating quickly with extended fire.

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