LGBT Differentiation and Assimilation into the gay community

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by marxwa99, Sep 2, 2005.

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    So i was just thinking today about something my advisor said today:

    "What makes you different, makes you the same as someone else"

    I always thought about that in terms of people in the gay community. We have those who always are going off about "not being your typical gay guy" blah blah blah and all that same bullcrap we always hear. And then you see those who pride themselves in being a part of the gay community.

    So i guess this post is looking to see the actions that people have taken that have made them differentiate themselves and assimilate themsleves into the gay community. How and why, i suppose.

    My example:

    Differentiation: I got so sick of the Chelsea boy look that last month i grew out what was first a beard and eventually became a beard. I just had to get myself away from looking like the rest of them in ohio heh.

    Assimilation: Well what kinda guy gets his navel pierced? A gay one of course ( shame on me for stereotyping ). So that's what i went and got done today. I thought it would be a nice little code for people to know that i'm homo if they ever saw me shirtless, god forbid
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    I don't do either...

    This week, however, I joined two groups... The New Hamsphire Gay Men's Chorus and "Chiltern", which is a gay and lesbian outdoors group... we go hiking, kayaking, etc...

    So, you might consider that assimilation, but really it's just a way to make new gay and lesbian friends.

    I'm not big on differentiation, mostly because I'm just naturally different... I'm silly and focus on being drama free, and am not concerned about image... so I suppose you could say that, indirectly, this is a way I differentiate myslef.
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    ...I was thinking of going the gay male chorus around here. But then I thought about it, and LOLed at the W&G episode about it.

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