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    Digital Camcorder Recommendations

    I'm looking for an ultraportable MiniDV camcorder with 1/4" CCD and easy connectivity to a PC. I plan on using it to tape live concerts and conduct band interviews afterwards. I also want to use it to film the local street races, parties, etc. I guess something that would work well in low light situations would be nice.

    After researching on the web, I've been looking at the following and would like your opinions:
    1. Sony DCR-TRV17
    2. Sony DCR-TRV27
    3. Panasonic PV-DV851
    4. Canon ZR4x series

    Any others would be great, too.

    Overall, I want something really small so I can sneak it into the various venues.

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    ohhhh my favorite subject :big grin:

    TRV-17 would be nice if it had a built-in light, but it still works well indoors as long as you have some form of lighting close by. Outdoor/bright light pictures look amazing.

    DCR-TRV27 isn't going to give you what you are looking for. THe built in audio won't be as good as the 17 believe it or not.

    For Panasonic check this link It is a little less demanding and for normal shooting will give you what you want, nothing fancy tho. It is light and tiny enough for you to sneak that thing anywhere...BUT may I suggest my picks:

    First off I don't know what your spending limit is on these but I'll give you the run down from the MiniDV to the MicroDV

    1. [​IMG]
    Very very small!!! 10X optical/120X digital zoom and a 1/4.7", 1 megapixel CCD imager. That is 1300.00, which I am sure you can find it almost half that price...

    2. [​IMG] This has a larger screen which can be better depending on what you are looking for. You get intense megapixel image quality, a huge 3-1/2" LCD with color viewfinder. With all these features to boot:

    Mini DV Recording

    1/4.7" Advanced HAD CCD Imager, 1.0 Mega Pixel Gross

    Advanced HAD CCD Technology

    520 Lines of Horizontal Resolution

    Professional Quality Carl Zeiss Vario- Sonnar Lens

    10X Optical/120X Precision Digital Zoom

    3.5" SwivelScreen LCD Display (123K Pixels)

    Super SteadyShot Picture Stabilization System

    Digital Still Memory Mode with Memory Stick Media

    MPEG Movie Mode

    i.LINK DV Interface (IEEE1394)

    Analog-to-Digital Conversion with Pass-Through

    USB Streaming

    USB Interface

    InfoLithium Battery with AccuPower Meter System

    Super NightShot and Color Slow Shutter

    3. [​IMG]
    1.5 megapixel CCD imager and MPEG Movie Mode. Upload images and MPEG movies to a photo album, send text e-mail messages with MPEGs or digital photos attached directly to whom ever. Basically will give you the top quality without all the other mumbo jumbo of a big camera. It has the same features as does the previous camera.

    I think that is all you are going to get with being so small, I personally use the DCR-VX2000 and Love it, it comes with some features that Hollywood can't do :bightumb:


    These are both incredibly small and expensive.

    the smallest and lightest camcorder in the world, Vario Sonnar lens, a 2-1/2" SwivelScreen™ color LCD, 10x optical/120x digital zoom, and weighing in at only 12oz, also includes super Steadyshot picture stabilization. 1200.00

    2. [​IMG]
    Basically all the same features as the previous model only the sound quality is a lot better, I would suggest this over the other for what you are trying to capture and it is 1500.00

    I hope this helped you. :)
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