A&P DIII Football Semi-finals

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    We are going to Salem! UW-Whitewater pulled off a 4th quarter comeback win sending them to a 5th consecutive National Championship appearance. Here are some of my favorite shots, C&C welcome.

    1 Lane Olsen taking a shot on Linfield's Quarterback.

    2 Adam Brandes making one of his 5 catches on the day.

    3 Derek Underwood making the shoe string special teams tackle.

    4 Brandes making another big reception for the Warhawks, he led the team with 123 receiving yards.

    5 Cory Robinson makes the over the shoulder grab.

    6 Jordan Wells making a 68 yard reception that set the Warhawks up for the game winning touchdown.

    7 Antwan Anderson dives in for the go-ahead touchdown putting Whitewater up 20-17 with 6 minutes left in the game.

    8 Brandes, Rusch, and Wells jump in celebration after securing their way to their 4th consecutive Stagg Bowl appearance.

    9 Levell Coppage celebrating his 2nd consecutive Stagg Bowl appearance.

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