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    OK well i dont post alot. Anyway for anyone that dosnt know me and her. I lurk here alot, and my gf does to. We both post under the same name, its her name i just use it more than her, and i was writing her a sex story earlier and thought about posting it and she seemed really excited about it to so here we be! Yeah i know grammer and other stuff, anyway i'm far from the best writer but it got our juices going...

    hey baby, this is the start of a sexy, naughty, hot and steamy,
    email for you. I hope you enjoy. OK, well let me set the stage. It
    would be our final year of highschool, we have been dating for quite
    some time and are deeply in love. It would be a friday afternoon, just
    about the end of the day. We would be eager to get home, or just to be
    together and go out friday night. And of course, gym has always been
    fun because of the uniforms you're forced to change into, which are
    very pleasing to the eye. A pair of shorts that are very form fitting
    to your sexy theighs, and a rather small shirt that clung to your body
    making your full breasts seem even larger. They cought the attention of
    quite a few boys in class, especially when we were teasing each other
    from across the gym, making your nipples very apparent through your
    shirt. Of course, i had to wear the same uniform, showing just as much
    skin as you. We would oftin do things to tease, and get the attention
    of each other from across the gym. You would grab your breasts and
    squeeze them when you thought no one but me was looking, or, adjust
    your shorts and pull them up showing just a slight amount of your sexy
    ass. Although you didnt know it, other people did catch glimpses of
    this, and you were quite the hot topic in the locker room with other
    guys as well, but i kept the message clear: shes off the market! You
    had just as much eye candy when you could see me working out, getting
    all sweaty, and showing off my stregnth. You loved to tease me
    especially when you knew i would be around other guys in the locker
    room minutes later, because after checking you out i would always get
    very hard, and it was always apparent in those tight shorts, and the
    guys made fun of me for being hard in the locker room. And on this
    perticular day, there was plenty of teasing going back and forth
    between us. Your fully hard nipples were just as apparent as my hard
    cock before we split up into the guys and girls part of gym. Well the
    guys all headed outside to go practice for the upcoming track meet,
    while the girls stayed inside this day to use the basketball courts.
    Well, at the end of the day, I came in along witht the rest of the guys
    to change in the locker room, and possibly get a shower. As we came
    inside, i was slightly saddened because it was always fun to catch a
    glimpse of you all sweaty, usually beacuase i thought of other ways to
    getcha sweaty. So anyway, I decided to help the coach put up the
    hurdles and such that we had used outside, hoping to buy some time to
    see you walk by. Well it was almost time to head out and i had not seen
    you yet. I kept waiting until finally the coaches had left and were
    starting to think me crazy for just hanging around shooting baskets and
    such in teh gym, along with everyone else that had left. I was now very
    worried, so i strolled over to the girl's locker room door, and crepped
    in slowly looking for you, it seemed deserted. I finally got around to
    your row of lockers and you were just walking in the back door as I was
    sneaking in the front. I immediatly pushed you against your gym locker
    and started kissing you like never before. The combanation of worrying,
    passion, and lust for you swept over me and I no longer cared that I
    was in the wrong locker room, all i knew was that i wanted you. We
    kissed softly closing our eyes, enjoying the soft feeling of each
    others lips, and the occasional ever so sensitive tongue. My hands were
    all over you, from your hips, wrapping them around your back squeezing
    you, and slipping them under the waist band of your shorts to grab your
    tight ass. We were both covered in sweat, which just turned me on more
    with every passing second. I had begun to kiss down the side of your
    neck, sucking very hard, and kissing and licking softy, when you said
    "baby, we'll get caught in here for sure". I didnt even bother
    stopping, instead i ran my hands up your back, untucking your shirt and
    starting to remove it. "Baby people are still outside..." I interupted
    looking at you in the eyes "I dont care if we're caught, I want you
    right now, I'll accept the punishment for both of us if we are caught"
    I continued to raise your shirt over your head, and begin kissing your
    chest moving around your sports bra. I started kissing down your
    stomach, slowly leaving a trail of kisses down to your waistband of
    your shorts. The slight taste of salt on your skin from the sweat
    dripping down you had finally overcome me. I pulled your shorts and
    your panties off with one slow motion, observing your sexy legs as the
    backs of my hands slowly caressed them on the way down, and had you
    step out of them, still wearing your shoes. I stood up, removed your
    bra, and embrased your fully erect nipple with my warm mouth, and
    gentle tongue. You finally relaxed and became overwhelmed in us, and
    took it a deep breath, let out a loud moan and sign all at once. I
    looked up and smiled at you and you grinned back now. you reached down
    and grabbed my cock through my shorts and squeezed it, forcing me to
    bite down on your nipple. You dropped down to your knees and started to
    remove my shorts, and pulled them over my shoes, as i did to you. You
    grabbed my ass and pulled me toward you against the lockers, and took
    my entire cock in your mouth, and started going up and down on it. I
    grabbed your head and slowed you down, and pulled you up to kiss you.
    You took my shirt off as you came up, and we kissed passionitly you
    squeezing my cock and me starting to feel over your pussy. We played
    with each other for a short while, moaning and breathing heavily in
    each others ear, pressing our bodies toegether. Our lips met in a fit
    of passion, and i caressed your body as I moved my hands from your
    pussy, up over your hips, to squeeze your ass, and spank it like a
    naughty girl deserves, continueing to move them up to your back to pull
    you toward me, to kiss passionatly again. I'm now pushing your body
    against the lockers once again, this time my hips are pushing against
    you, and you can feel my cock throbbing against your pussy. Your
    breasts feel so soft, so warm, so sexy pressing against my chest. I can
    feel your nipples pressing into my chest, they are sooooo hard. The
    sweat continues to drip from our bodies, as i take you by the hand, and
    whisper "follow me.". You can hear the echo of our feet, as we walk
    across the cold locker room floor. I grab 2 towels off the rack as we
    walk into the shower stalls. Like a typical locker room there are about
    10 showers all in a row, seperated by only a small step, not even ankle
    high betweem them, no curtains, no walls. I hang our towels on the wall
    across from the shower head, and hold you by the hand as you step into
    the shower with me. I turn the water on, and it immediatly pours out
    steaming hot water on both of us, as we stand facing each other, as
    closly as before. As the water hits us, You let a loud, echoing AHHHHHH
    escape your lips and I watch the water run down over the tops of your
    breasts, creating small rivers and streams that soon pass over your
    pussy, making your more aware of just how sensitive it is. I put my
    hands on your cheeks, caressing your face pulling your lips forward to
    meet mine, in the steamy running water. Our tongues met, as the water
    cascaded down our heads and over each others faces as we kissed, kissed
    like no one else had ever been in love as much as us.Your hands were
    holding me by my hips, slowly caressing up my stomach to my chest, then
    digging your nails into me scratching me, leaving deep marks in my
    skin. You back off of the kissing, smile seductivly and growling like a
    tiger. I purred loudly back to you, caressing up and down your back,
    once again squeezing your ass. I ran my fingers up and down your
    booty, slowly inching a finger toward your tight little hole. You turn
    from ferocious tiger, to innocent moaning schoolgirl in seconds as i
    rub a finger around the outside of your bootyhole. Your moans can be
    heard all across the gym they're so loud. I take my other hand and
    start to move it toward your pussy, but you grab my hand and shake your
    head no. You take your own hand and grab my cock, and slowly start to
    pump it up and down. You rub your thumb over the tip of it, and can
    feel all my precum making it perfectly smooth. You smile nicely, and
    immediatly take that finger and suck it on, like it was my cock, before
    the water rinced the precum off. Taking your hand back to my dick, you
    grabbed it once more, and this time, put it right against your pussy
    lips, and whispered "whatever you do baby, do not go inside me..." and
    i let out a small moan as you forced my cock over your warm pussy. "...
    until i say you can, ok baby?" I nodded in agreement, and allowed my
    head to relax as I pushed my hips toward you slightly. My dick slowly
    push enough to part your lips and let all your warm juices flow from
    your lips down the head of my cock, sending shivers down my spine. You
    rubbed it up and down between you lips, letting more and more of my
    head in as rubbed it. Finally we couldnt take it anymore, you looked at
    me and said "baby, slide it deep inside my pussy! Pleasssse fuck me
    baby!" I pushed you against the shower walls, and began to slide deep
    inside you, slowly going deeper inside you, until you couldnt take any
    more. Just as we started a familier sound could be heard. The sound of
    feet walking over a cold lockerroom floor, your friends were coming
    inside. I continued to dominate you, fucking your pussy, squeezing your
    big, supple, breasts, watching as you gasped for breath with each
    thrust. Finally you couldnt handle anymore, and didnt care who saw or
    heard. You let out a loud scream "YESSSSS BAAABY I"M CUMMING! FUCK MY
    PUSSY HARDER! HARDER BABY!" I couldnt hold back, your muscles clamped
    on my dick and forced me to cum deep in your pussy. Our bodies began to
    shake in unison as we stood in the steamy shower together, A loud cheer
    came on as the onlooking girls began to smile, laugh and clap for our
    amazing simultanious orgasm. You smiled and began to blush slightly, as
    i kissed you. Shortly after we began to wash up, and get dressed, and
    seem as inconspicuous as possiable as we left the lockerroom together,
    hours later than usual... The end. I hope you enjoyed it baby... I love

    Hope you all enjoyed it. :x:
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    I got a serious boner to that one :hs:

    That's got me in a right dirty mood to see my girl, thanky :wiggle:
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    dam that was intense
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    yes sir...chubby at work...appreciate ya!!! :bigthumb:

    (though paragraphs and line breaks would have made it easier to read...still damn good!)
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    sorry, I was ignoring all grammer and most punctuation other than periods. I typed it up in notepad, I usually go back and proofread em, but the gf and I decided it was really good and i was too excited to do any of that... sorry.
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    81 need to apologize...and, if you feel like sharing any more stories...:x:
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    Where Blood Bleeds Orange
    This is the gf. I thought that its a very good story if not the best story. I had had a bad day and I was quite under the weather and I still got off to this so thanks baby your great. We need to apparently make some more stories for the group.
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    great story !! gave me some wood

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