Disabling Taskbar Icons (WIN)

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  1. It's the one where the clock is displayed on WIN 98-on.

    How do I disable the program icons from showing up in my taskbar, without having to close them everytime I'm on the computer? Where do I go in the "control panel" (under START menu) to disable those program icons?

    My brother told me that so the computer/Windows won't use up extra memory upon start-up, thus making the computer too slow to load.
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    download this program, it's called starter


    It will help you manage your startup programs and processes.

    But do not get confused. Just because you see an icon there does not necessarily mean that anything is taking up extra resources and not everything that is running shows up in the system tray.

    And don't go deleting/stopping things without knowing what they are - you could cause problems.
  3. ThanX, but I found how.
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    msconfig also works, just FYI

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