disappointed with my waxes (zymol & gold class)

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by biawokauns, Oct 22, 2001.

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    I washed and detailed my car this weekend...I did half of trunk with zymol and left half unwaxed, with the hood i did half with meguiars gold class paste wax and left half unwaxed. after i was done...i did not really notice much of a "waxed" "reflective" look. the vehicle itself felt very smoothwhere i had waxed it...but that's about it. looks wise it lookedthe same as the unwaxed portions. i also can't tell any difference between the zymol and goldclass. am i doing something wrong? i know the wax is on there, it rained last night, and rain beaded off the portions where i had waxedthe car.
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    One word.... Zaino

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    Wax is to protect your paint, it normally adds little additional shine. Surface prep is the key-usually a polish or glaze with a lot of oil will add shine. Gold Class isn't Meguiars best wax anyway. Either High Tech Yellow #26 or Medallion For All Paint are better.

    As far as Zainos, if you want to spend two days waxing your car, enjoy mail order that doesn't accept credit cards and you want to be part of the Zaino's Cult, be my guest. :p
    --Actually Zainos seems to be a decent wax, but it's hype exceeds it's actual performance, IMO.

    Check out http://www.thewaxtest.com/ and you will see that their testing shows most waxes are pretty similar, hence the plethora of 'C' scores. Zainos got a C- and Gold Class got a C.

    BTW, this is the trunk lid of my almost 12 year old Accord (pic taken this summer), and all I have ever used on it is Meguiars and 3M products:

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