Display or Graphics card problem?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by LowLikeWhoaF150, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. I made a thread about this in the main forum but I'm too paranoid to believe anything they say because I know they'll tell me to do something that will screw up my brand new laptop.

    Anyways the problem I am having is that some pictures on the internet are pixelated more than normal. On my dads old computer monitor the pictures on the internet aren't that bad but when I look at them on this brand new laptop the same pictures look more pixelated!!

    This is supposed to be the best laptop display that Dell makes and I can't believe how pixelated some stuff is compared to how it looks on my dad's computer.

    Anyways here is a picture


    and here is a screen cap of the same picture. Maybe it's my graphics card?


    any help woudl be great! thanks
  2. oh wow that can't be good.... The pic in the screen cap looks double pixelated than the other.... :o :wtc:
  3. Wolf68k

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    Well since the problem showed up in the screen shot, it's not the monitor.
    Check the driver settings
  4. I just installed new driver from NVIDIA and nothing's new :hs:
  5. Doc Brown

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    Why is the screen capture in 1920x1200 res?

    If that's what you have your laptops res set, then it would explain the problem with it looking grainy.

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