A&P Do filters make that much of a difference?

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by SnYpR808, Sep 4, 2002.

  1. SnYpR808

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    I'm about ready to buy a camera now and I'm stuck choosing between the Canon G2 and the Canon S40. I checked out just about all the links above but i'm interested in getting some advice from real people. I know both are pretty decent cameras, but i'm wondering whether or not the capability to attach the UV filter and additional lenses is worth the extra cost of the G2. I'm not a huge photography buff but i'd like for my pictures to come out as clear as possible because I intend to use the camera for graphical work. What do you guys think? G2 or S40?
  2. one66stang

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    Dec 19, 2001
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    Filters can make ALL the differance in the world. You can get alot of different effect with a filter.

    I am not up on the cameras you listed but if need be you can hold the filter in front on the camera. I do this with a graduated polorizing filter all the time.
  3. jinushaun

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    I don't have a UV filter, so I don't know how affective they are, but filters do help. Get the G2 so you can use other filters such as ND and polariser.
  4. slapey

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    UV filters don't do all that much in terms of how the picture will look. What it is really good for is to protect the lense. Think about it. It would be better to hit and break a $15 filter than to crack a lense and not have the camera be functional anymore...plus costs of having the lense replaced would be crazy...it's definitly worth it.

  5. bioyuki

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    Sep 3, 2001
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    I always keep a UV or skylight on my lenses for protection. If you want to do portraits try a diffuser. For landscapes a neutral density or a circular polarizer are must haves.

    And DON'T cheap out on filters. Whats the point of buying a good camera with nice optics and then putting a noncoated 'green' glass filter on it? :slap:
  6. SnYpR808

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    what brands of filters are good and what is crap? I was looking at some accessory packages for the G2 and some lenses that perform the same functions have huge price differences. For example: I can buy like a 9 piece accessory package for $169 that include titanium 2x and a 0.5x lenses by a company called digital optics as well as a tripod, adapter, 3 filters (including UV filter) and some other stuff. However, I see other titanium 2x and 0.5x lenses selling on websites for $199 EACH, when they perform the same function.

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