CAR CREW Do we have a Tesla crew?


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Jan 10, 2001
I'm pretty sure that it's legal per the code for lights and outlets to be on the same circuit. I know that I've got a couple areas in my house that's definitely wired that way.

I'll just just 12 for everything. This area I'm working at is on its own on the opposite side of the basement from almost everything. Kind of a pain in the dick to do another run for just 3 led cans
@AndyB am I gonna fail inspection for lighting and outlets on the same circuit?
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Oct 5, 2004
:rofl: he hasnt used it to build an RC course yet....

oddly enough thats his thing when going to shows for the shop. a shocking amount of people just drive around with their RC stuff in the trunk just in case.
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I have a couple of actual oldies, and a NIB Tamiya Bronco kit that I should build sometime soon...

But yeah - I'd be so happy in that loader, making whoops and cutting a badass course.
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Feb 18, 2004
I'm sure it sounds dumb to some people but man, I think it would be a blast to have one.

And my dad has a shitload of land too... maybe I can get him on board with a track for his r/c trucks.

he bought land that needed to be cleared/cleaned up a lot. pay 30k to have it done, or buy machine for 30k and DIY.

honestly; keep an eye on auction sites. thats the best way. just plan on dumping money into maintenance. and drive units. and for fucks sake dont buy a bobcat.

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