Do we have it bad?

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by tehwinnar, Dec 8, 2005.

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    Ok for us ozzies, the minnimum we will pay for something like a r32 GTR is like 17,000$ AUD, and maximum of around 23,000$ AUD ( have not seen any for more then that to import ).

    now, they could be cheaper, by around 3 to 4k for compliance, due to this gay new rule that sais we have to compliance all cars made AFTER 1989 with the SEVS rule, wich like i said above ads something like 4k to the price.

    So, do we have it bad? or is it worse in USA to import imports from japan?
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    in the US they have a 25yrs rule. so anything newer has to be made street legal. last time i hear anything there were still only a couple companies that could do that and you were looking at like 35-40k usd for an r32, 55-60k usd for a r33 and upwards of 75k+ for a r34.

    i live in canada (15yr rule) so i can get an 89/90 r32 gt-r on the road for less than 15k cdn.

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