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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by WTY84, Oct 3, 2002.

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    I am a huge fan of documentary films. I was just curious as to if anyone in her was as well and had some good recomendations for me. Thanks in advance.:big grin:
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    I am not a fan of Documentary films, however I have studied a few that were pretty good.

    Baseball by Ken Burns was a good one...about 4 hours long but worth the watch. Actually anything done by Ken Burns will be worth your while.

    However, I am more main stream films. I want to be able to ask you...why do you like documentary films more, if so? If you had the opp. to work on either a main stream film or a doc. which would you prefer and why? I am just trying to get a better undertstanding of the whole documentary world out there because it seems as though everyone involved with documentary has some sort of a grudge against mainstream ...:)
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    Flimboy44- I enjoy learning and monitoring peoples behavior and interaction among people everyday. With documentary films I see stuff that I can relate to, and also other walks of life that I might never encounter or learn about otherwise. Another reason is when someone is telling a story I feel that it creates more emotion and you really know what the characters are thinking. I also love drama films as well. I dont know there is just something about me that gets me thinking hard after watching these types of movies.
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    Pick up Trinity and Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie. They used alot of declassified footage of actual testing. I've read many reviews on this film and have no reason to believe its anything but stellar work. I also enjoy wild life documentaries, particuarly on the aligators.
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    I see your point, however I think the only thing that turns me away is the actual makers of these doc's. They consider it an art form and they are the masters of filmmaking...which there isn't a drop of talent put into most doc's. Sorry to say.
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    I definately agree with you guys on that one. Personally I said documentary, but I really meant narratives about peoples lifes or movies that symbolize real life happenings. I have been looking at movie stores, but have been dissapointed as far as the independant films and sundance film selection they have to rent.
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    anything by Doug Pray... like Scratch

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