A&P Does anyone here have a Sony CyberShot T1 (with 12x zoom)?

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by Silent Nature, Mar 14, 2006.

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    I just recently bought one and 1 GB Sony Memory Stick Pro. I'm new to photography. I've been doing a lot of graphic design so I got very interested in photography.

    So far, the pictures is looking very well-lit (strong flash) and clear.

    I would like to learn the fundmentals and tips on using this camera with aperture and whatnot. Sometimes, I am having problems with taking clear pictures at up close. I tried Marco, but it seems like I'm doing something wrong.

    Here's some pictures that I liked so far. All three pictures were used with flash. Any suggestions and tips will be very helpful, if you have any.

    My dog, Gracie (Set on Auto - no zoom)

    My hermit crab, Shelton (Auto mode with Macro - 4x zoom)

    My kitchen (Auto mode - no zoom)

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