COMIC Does anyone know any sites that does scanslation of the latest Naruto?

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by I-heart-BoA, Apr 28, 2003.

  1. I-heart-BoA

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    I'm talking about the latest scanslations from Japanese weekly JUMP, not from the retail Naruto volumes. I'll well aware of the *cough*issue*cough*, but I just can't live with the suspense; currently I'm on Chapter 166, so if you have that chapter or 167 (the most recent one), please let me know. I realize OT is not the best place to ask for this sort of stuff, but it's futile posting in any other mainstream manga forum. Any help will be gladly appreciated. Oh, and please don't simply direct me to,, or :hs:
  2. I-heart-BoA

    I-heart-BoA Guest

    Bah nevermind, after searching the whole night on IRC, I finally found someone serving Chapter 167...
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    mIRC > *

    Got both Pia Carrot and Pia Carrot 2 :bigthumb:

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