Does anyone play Alantica Online? Turn-based MMORPG

Discussion in 'Gamers' Pulse' started by Boomdart, Jan 11, 2010.

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    I just started this morning playing it. It's pretty cool. The turn based system is pretty damn good the graphics are decent enough for an mmorpg (my computer even lags on some parts, and I have never seen my computer skip frames on any other game before, including risen, divinity 2, crysis, nfs shift, and more)

    The graphics are definably not better than any of those games, so I'm not quite sure why it was giving me low frame rates in the town sections, even though there are hardly any players it seems so it couldn't have a hard time drawing them.

    The thing that's great about it is the battles, the background story is meh but there are some features about the game that make it absolutely perfect for a person like me, :420: crowd. You do your battles, you finish your quest. In something like WoW you'd spend 3 hours flying around and boating to your destination to turn in the quest. In this game you click the "auto-move" button and it'll walk your character directly to where it needs to be to either complete the quest or turn it in. It sounds a little lame saying it, but in action it's awesome.

    I couldn't begin to explain this game very well, it's quite complicated yet easy at the same time.

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