MIL Does Terrorism work?

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by KUBA, May 17, 2005.

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    All i see on tv is how some "insurgent" suicide bombed soldiers in iraq... does this tactic really work? Do attacks like 9-11 work to accomplish the terrorists goals? or do they just fuel our resistance and determination? Is it possible that they will bring america or other countries down? i'm doubtful about america, but it worked in spain right before the elections... so what do you think?
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    terrorism is a tool used by nations like own own. "Al Qaeda" did not win on 9/11. We won on 9/11 - or rather the government. The 3000 dead were unfortunate but expendable casualties (keep in mind that about 1500 people die from car accidents every day), while the attacks were able to be used as justification to help increase Federal power at home and invade and occupy two sovereign nations, with Iraq having the 2nd largest crude oil reserves in the world while the strategic position has Iran between occuped Iraq and occupied Afghanistan. A remarkable acheivement in just 3 years. The potential for the "war on terror" is enormous.

    Oh, and weren't the Spanish already decided on pulling out of Iraq before the train bombings?
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    1.The Spanish government went into Iraq against the wishes of its citizens.
    2.It failed to keep the citizens safe from terrorism.
    3.It lied about who the culprits were when they blamed the bombings on ETA.

    Three strikes

    To answer your question about terrorism, one must understand the history of colonialism and terrorism in the middle east and northern Africa.
    Review the history of the British in Iraq and the French in Algeria.

    We've been in Iraq for two years and we're fed up with the deaths of our soldiers.
    The insurgents and the terrorists are just warming up.

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