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  1. so a client slacked off on paying for her domain. the domain was expired for about a month and still had 15 days until it was put public, but she decides to pay the $80 redemption fee that godaddy has.

    so basically what happens is right when i get the cash and deposit into my paypal, the domain is purchased at an auction (tdnum or something like that?) and now she's pissed because all of her fliers/business cards has the old domain on there. this, btw, is no corporate site, only a small homecare local business.

    now she's threatening me with her lawyer husband and demands my customer code for my account to try and find something to put the blame on me. i've tried to be helpful as possible, but now it's getting to the point to where i'm just going to refund her redemption fee and tell her to fuck off. i had no power over her domain being purchased after expiration and told her upfront that there were no guarantees that the domain would still be available. i have no idea if expired domain cases harming business hold up in court. it's not that i'm to blame, but i don't want to deal with all of the hassle should it come down to that point.

    cliffs: client from hell threatening court action against expired domains that were purchased which are harming her business.
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    well def give her money back, it looks like thats her only case against you

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    She's a fucking idiot.
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    Give her money back, and tell her to set her domains to auto renew in the future.

    Tough shit.
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    She's blaming her own laziness and stupidity on you, and threatening you with her lawyer husband. How wonderfully American!
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    Was it her job to renew them, or yours? If yours, do you have some contract stating this is your responsibility? If not, refund, inform her husband to take it up with ICANN and ignore.
  7. it was my job but there was no contract stating this. also she slacked off a few weeks on payment and asked me to pay for it until she sent me money, but i've learned in the past to never fall for this again, so i just waited until she had the money, knowing there was a grace period with godaddy.
  8. :o that's what i usually do with clients who usually want nothing to do with the domain/hosting side of their site and let me handle them, but this was one of those "we'll have it up for 1 year and see how it goes" type deals.

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