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    Okay, I spent probably four hours on this project. Two last week and two just this evening.

    I took my gun over to my friend's house last week (more work space) and installed the grip safety. This took more time than I expected, mainly because I had to sand down one side of the safety a little bit to keep it from binding on the frame. Then I put some blueing on it and called it good.

    I began to work on my ambi safety. I was, naturally, very cautious about the installation, never having done it before and of course wanting to NOT ruin my $60 piece of metal. So I tested, filed, tested, filed, tested, filed, etc etc. Then I ran out of time and had to go home. When I finished that day I could just barely fit the safety into the gun and flip it to "fire." I could not flip it to "safe."

    Today I went back over there after work. It took me about 20 minutes to figure out where I left off. Then more testing and filing. EVER more delicately. After some time I could flip it to "safe" but it would cam the safety some so that it wasn't flush in the frame. So I continued to work on it. FINALLY IT FIT PERFECTLY. I was extremely satisfied. :bigthumb:

    I reached for the other half of the safety.

    Where is the other half of the safety? :confused:


    I looked around but it was nowhere to be seen. :eek4:
    I checked in the garage.
    I checked on the shelves in the office.
    I checked on the shelf in the kitchen where random stuff seems to turn up.

    NO LUCK. :mad:

    So I put the original safety back in. Hopefully my friend knows where it is. But he's out of town until this weekend.

    The one issue I've noticed is this: there's good spring-pressure on the grip safety but it doesn't seem to disengage until more than halfway out. I'd rather have it disengage closer in, know what I mean?

    More work to be done. Clearly.

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