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    i hope he pulls something off :bowdown:

    This Saturday, November 18, 2006, Dokonjonosuke Mishima, a veteran of Pride and Shooto will be making his UFC debut at UFC 56: Bad Intentions against Joe Stevenson. Mishima has been in tough battles before and in this ADCC News interview, he talks about the pressure of fighting in the states and the promising influx of the UFC bringing in talented Japanese fighters. Here is what Mishima told ADCC News in this quick interview.


    ADCC: Dokonjonosuke the list of you opponents you have fought is remarkable. You�ve had battles with Takanori Gomi, Yves Edwards, Masakazu Imanari, Din Thomas, and Marcus Aurelio. What fight are you most proud of?

    DOKONJONOSUKE: Definitely a fight against Takanori Gomi. But I really can't say who was the strongest out of all because I actually never thought any of my opponents were that strong.

    ADCC: This will only be your second time fighting in the states and your first time in the UFC. How excited are you to make this UFC debut in California?

    DOKONJONOSUKE: Its like going into the enemy territory (laughs)! In that sense, I am feeling the pressure, but I like America so I am looking forward to it.

    ADCC: Who have you been training with in Japan to get you ready for your UFC debut?

    DOKONJONOSUKE: No Comment (laughs). I can't give out my strategies here.

    ADCC: Is that a one fight deal or will be fighting more than once in the UFC?

    DOKONJONOSUKE: I don't know if I am allowed to reveal this (laughs). I just have to keep on winning. If it goes well, I guess it will be a multi-fight deal.

    ADCC: When do you plan on arriving in the states and do you think the long trip from Japan will have any effect on you?

    DOKONJONOSUKE: I am arriving on Tuesday. From Osaka, it is going to be a long trip. Far as jet lag and everything else, I am not going to do anything special. I am just going to go with what is going to happen.

    ADCC: On November 18, 2006 , you will be facing Joe Stevenson. What is you assessment of him as a fighter?

    DOKONJONOSUKE: Young, strong, and big! (laughs)

    ADCC: What is your prediction of the fight?

    DOKONJONOSUKE: I think it is going to be a submission battle. I always liked UFC rules because I think it is the closest to a real fight, you know, once you are down, you�re in trouble! So it�s a good rule. Although, I have never experienced this but somehow I feel being able to elbow strike to the head is an advantage for me (laughs).

    ADCC: What do you think of the UFC bringing in more Japanese fighters as of late?

    DOKONJONOSUKE: I am happy because that means Japanese fighters are being recognized in America also.

    ADCC: Looking over the UFC roster, who would you like to fight?

    DOKONJONOSUKE: I would like to fight Din Thomas again.

    ADCC: Well good luck and thank you for your time. Do you have anything to say to your fans and sponsors?

    DOKONJONOSUKE: Well, I am just now thinking about winning this fight. But I am looking forward to this fight so I want all the fans to have high expectation for this one. It is going to be an exciting one, I think. Also, I like to thank Fairtex for being my sponsor for this fight. I didn't know much about Fairtex merchandise, but I really like the design of T-shirts and caps are great.


    he sure laughs a lot too :o

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