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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Slid., Apr 5, 2010.

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    I've been pushing a product to a generalized domain that I made and I found that a particular brand of product has been outperforming, so I want to push that brand harder. I'm wondering what experience any of you have had with domain trademarks.

    Say I were to be pushing soft drinks and I had the domain:


    There is no violation there.

    But what if I had:


    Would I be entering cease and desist territory? Or would I only be in violation if I registered:


    Realistically the sub-domain is only a redirect to a folder on the main domain, functionally no different than:


    Which I wouldn't expect to be a violator.

    Since I'm doing well with my generic domain and I'm not rocking the boat it might be wise to just push that domain with a very specialized page. I'm afraid that if I do take the `next step` and register more specific domains that I may open myself up to a hassle.

    With a little Google research it appears that sub-domains have brought law suits but that it's a gray area since it is just a directory.

    Any input?
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    Probably just depends on the company. Is it something that you might even be able to contact the company and work out a direct deal with? Odds are, if you are pushing quality leads to that generic domain they may be willing to work out an exclusive deal with you and pay even better. If not, they may give you permission and some custom landing page to use on the subdomain.

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