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    lollyfornia Exclusive Interview with Donald Trump
    Posted on: Mon 23-Jun-2008
    [​IMG] Exclusive interview with Donald Trump Mr. Trump, thanks for talking to me at
    Donald Trump: You are welcome Adam.. Its official, you are a partner of Affliction MMA - How do you feel about this partnership?
    Donald Trump: I am very pleased to be partnering with Affliction. I believe together we are quickly becoming a force to reckon with in the arena of mixed martial arts. Have you been a MMA fan for some time now?
    Donald Trump: I am a fan of all sports, including MMA. I particularly appreciate the fast pace of MMA which I have stated several resembles my business practice and style. Can you let us in on any future plans with Alliction MMA?
    Donald Trump: Tom Atencio, VP of Affliction, is already finalizing a second fight card which will be as impressive as our first event. Are you going to try to get Tito Ortiz to sign on with Affliction?
    Donald Trump: Tito is a friend of mine. Currently he is under a ban to discuss a contract with any organization. If and when the right time arrives and Tito expresses an interest to fight for me, I will gladly consider his proposal. Have you and tito became friends after the apprentice?
    Donald Trump: Yes we have and he is both a great guy and an amazing athlete?I recently attended a UFC event at the request of Tito and did so based on our friendship. Who is your favorite fighter to watch in MMA?
    Donald Trump: I do not have a favorite fighter. All of the fighters are fantastic. Each one uniquely possess incredible skills, courage and athleticism. Do you see this sport progressing in the comming years?
    Donald Trump: Absolutely...and with my involvement, expect to see more fight cards like the one scheduled on PPV on July 19th

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