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    Here's a recent release of one of the tracks off the upcoming doom 3 game:

    As some may also have heard, Trent Reznor was approached by the doom 3 staff to do some initial work on the soundtrack, but quoted "time and money and bad management" as reasons for him not completing the project. His statement can be found on NiN's site here: (third question down).

    Former NiN band member Chris Vrenna is now credited as writing the offical doom 3 theme song, along with current band member Clint Walsh of their band Tweaker. More here:

    Much debate ensues on the forums discussing whether or not this is original material created by Vrenna, as it does highly resemble several Tool songs, and it is rumered that Tool was approached after Reznor left the project (as per Reznor's statement above).
    Either way, I guess everyone will have to wait until the game is released to see who is responsible for the eerily toolesque track, which to me sounds like a compilation of the riff found in Tool's song Lateralus, mixed in with parts taken from their Undertow song. If it turns out the Vrenna is credited for this track in the final version of the game, I think it's a blatant ripoff of Tool's music, not to mention a poor compilation of one as well. Meanwhile, Tool's website remains devoid of news on the subject.
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    Should've gotten FLA to do it again (quake 2 i think?)

    actually trent was pretty good in quake 1 :hs:

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