Download: "Sexy Results [MSTRKRFT Edition]," Death From Above 1979

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by antiyou, Feb 5, 2007.

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    in ur base
    I heard this playing in the Puma store whilest shopping the other day and later that night heard it on a verizon slim phone commercial...I decided it was a must have I found the link looking for the song title. Click the download on the bottom.


    Sexy girl meet me in the bathroom
    Sexy girl call me on the phone
    Woman friend take me to your bedroom
    Let me show how I'm full grown

    Sexy woman call me to your office
    Sexy woman meet me after work
    I wanna show you how I handle business
    I wanna show you how the mail-boy flirts

    My man wants to buy you something
    He wants to take you out for dinner and dancing
    My friend wants to take you out then home
    Then home alone
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    Saw one of them Dj this past fall at Sonar in Baltimore, and it was one of the best sets I heard last year. They're Djing in DC this March, so probably going to hit that as well.

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