GUN DPMS Panther .308 jamming whoes

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by tragicher0, May 27, 2006.

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    Brother and his good friend just bought 2 of these, immediatley sent it out to get the barrell fluted after they got it. Got it back a few days ago and brought them to the range today.

    The damn thing shoots great with factory ammo, brand name only. We have a couple of cans of green tip that we bought at the gun show last summer, and every other round will jam. The one thing that I have noticed is the green ammo is ALOT hotter than any of the store bought stuff. HMS and Wolf jam every shot. The casing has to be pounded out with a cleaning rod. Im thinking they are hotter loads and are expanding too much in the chamber, causing the cylinder to lose grip of it on the cycle.

    I also bought a can of .223 from the same vendor, and it cycles thru the Colt M4 Commando with no problems, never had a cycling failure.

    And yes, if you were at Ben Avery today, we were the three assholes pounding out .308's for 4 hours. Sorry. Especially the nice family next to us, we didnt mean to make your kid jump every time we pulled the trigger.

    Anyone else have a DPMS Panther or have seen one have these issues?

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