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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by Kracin, Aug 27, 2004.

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    i was browsing through here, just found this forum and thought it would be a nice place to show a couple of things ive done. i really want to do more when i have the time, and want to do another portrait using oil pastels, but alot more detail than i did on my self portrait (provided i look much much different now)

    when i draw, i like to do portraits and get as much realism as i can in it, and just so you know the pencil drawing was done with a mechanical pencil. i plan on buying decent drawing pencils (softer and harder types of pencils for different effects). any constructive criticism is very welcome, i like to know what looks wrong/weird on the pictures and what it seems like i should work on improving

    Self Portrait done with oil pastels (ill have the actual picture i did it off of up in a little bit so a comparison can be made)

    and this was done with just a mechanical pencil, the picture i looked off of is here as well (sadly enough i can't draw anything unless i look at something...)
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    The first pic in my opinoin is that you need to define the cheeks a little more. You also need to show where your face ends a neck begins. You need a chin, and define that chin. Other than that it's pretty good. I haven't seen the picture you drew it from. The second porttrait is awesome, it looks like an exact duplicate of the portrait. Good Job!
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    nice accuracy. at least buy a set of: 2b, b, h, hb, 2h
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    yeah, um, thats the funny thing, cause at the time there really was no defined chin if ya get my drift lol, and i wouldnt say there were cheeks to go off of either

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