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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by biomaxdds, Feb 25, 2003.

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    Jan 5, 2003
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    whenever i make a link in the link box. I get the right link. but the page doesn't display once i open it up in IE

    so i click on the property, and it shows its linked from my hard drive, but in the link box I put down url. i don't know why this is not working, please help
  2. redrumkev

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    are you linking to a file in another folder. Say you have c:\website and c:\website\images. if you want pic.jpg from the images folder you need to say images\pic.jpg not just pic.jpg.

    Also, are you saying it doesn't work when you upload it? Most of the time this is an association thing. See - dreamweaver "see" what you do. But IE only "see" what the html is programed too. So dreamweaver will have files all over the place, but when IE looks in c:\website for pic.jpg, it doesn't exsist and you get 404 error.

    hope this helps. I am at work, but away from a workstation with dreamweaver - so this is from memory. peace.
  3. cdoyle

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    Aug 5, 2001
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    Are you using relative or absolute hyperlinks?

    Also are you using Dreamweaver to FTP the site?

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