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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by kax01, Dec 28, 2007.

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    Im currently building the corporate website for my audio/visual company and I want to be able to insert a text box on the website where people can enter their email address, hit the submit button that will be to the right of it, and have it take that address and paste it in a file that will be located on the server. Everytime a new email address is entered, it will be located in the same file, below the one preceeding it. This way I can copy and paste all the addresses in a web client and send a company newsletter to everyone in the list. I use dreamweaver and I have no idea how to accomplish this task as I only have a basic working knowledge of web page creation. Any solutions?
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    You need a server side script to do this. Your hosting company can tell you what languages they support. Once you know the scripting language you can design or find a script.

    Make sure to validate the input and to place the text file below the web root so it's not publicly viewable.

    You also need to allow users to "opt out" of your list. There is software out there that will manage your email list for you and make this easier.
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  3. sounds like you're better off hiring someone to do this for you.

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