Drove 2 SRT-4s + other bs...

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Faceless, May 31, 2005.

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    I finally got around to test driving an SRT-4 yesterday. Drove a regular 2005 & also a 2005 SRT-4 ACR. The ACR is the one with upgraded suspension.

    No roads to really test the suspension a lot, but from the driving I did, I did not notice much of a difference if any, but the ACR I drove was only about $400 more than the regular version I drove. [​IMG]

    They seem like fun little cars. Seats are comfy, gauges are nice (they should have put an oil pressure gauge in though), shifter feels pretty good & I didn't feel cramped. Trunk also has plenty of room. Could fit at least 3 of me in there. [​IMG]

    Holy wheel hop & tq steer though! [​IMG] If you're getting on it & hit that 1-2 shift it feel like you hit a huge put hole or the car has hydraulics! [​IMG]

    Way too much tq steer IMO for a car w/an LSD. I'd buy one as a toy for under $15k, but it's now off my list of potential daily drivers.

    That saleswoman apparently likes to flirt a lot to get her sales. Any more and she would have to show me her tits or suck me off right there. [​IMG] Then she goes on to tell me that she was doing this other salesman there lol.

    I knew more about the damn cars than all the salesman I encountered. What else is new? [​IMG]

    While I was there, I checked out the SRT-10 Ram. Silly manager wouldn't let me drive one. Gave me some bs about limited production & they are keeping miles off all of them. Yea, I'm sure no one has ever driven them. They also had a $20k markup on them LMAO!! [​IMG] I did sit in one & start it up though. Roomy & those Viper seats are comfy. They have push button start in these things too. [​IMG]

    I then went to the Pontiac dealer to check out the 05 GTO. Hood scoops look silly in person too. Interior is the same w/no options. [​IMG] I asked to drive it and the woman went inside & came back out w/some bs story of how the car was sold & that the owner was coming to get it in 45 minutes and that she would have told me if she knew blah blah. That would have been believable if the car was not extremely filthy & had less than 1/4 tank of gas in it. Since when are new cars sold like that? [​IMG]

    Next weekend I may check out some more cars. I have no idea what I want so I need to just start driving everything. [​IMG]
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    :big grin:unno: I love driving my 04 srt-4 daily... The Tq steer is not much of a problem if you work out.

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