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    Im in the market for a new DSLR camera and Im torn on what to get. can some of you give me your opinions on what to get?

    Im looking at a canon 30d, xti rebel, nikon 200d, anything else.. those are my 3 top choices right now... so help me spend some cash on a new camera!
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    I perfer Canon, mainly due to the larger and faster selection of lenses. I also like how they feel in my hand compared to the Nikon and SONY stuff. I also like the fact that there is not a dozen darn buttons all over the thing, which was one of the turn off's I had for Nikon.

    The Nikon 200D is a good camera, and if there was no Canon, I would buy Nikon.

    As far as which camera to get between the 30D and Rebel XTi, I personally like the more advanced features of the 30D. The XTi is a ENTRY level camera, and really has only 1 technical advantage over the 30D which is the 10mp vs the 8.2mp for the 30D. Is that a big deal... No UNLESS your printing 18"x24"+ sized prints.
    The 30D offer's 5 frames a second, so if you get into sports photography, you will have a higher chance of catching the right image. The XTi does 3 frames a second. I know that sound like it is not much, but you have to think of it like this.

    30D 5 frames per second for 5 seconds gives you 25 images.
    XTi 3 frames per second for 5 seconds gives you 15 images.
    so that is a difference of 10 images, per play. Think football or baseball.

    Another way to think of it, is auto sports. the XTi will miss every other image that the 30D will catch.

    The other advantage is the ISO 3200 that the 30D has, so if your in a DARK environment, you will have a better chance of getting a usable image than with the XTi which is limited to ISO 1600.

    The next advantage to the 30D is the max shutter speed of 1/8000's of a second, vs 1/4000's of a second for the XTi. Again, it comes down to sports, or even nature when trying to stop the wings of a bird or insect.

    The next advantage is the Spot Metering that the 30D which allows you to pick a spot and use that to measure light, instead of measuring a entire area.

    The battery on the 30D lasts longer per charge also.
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    what are you shooting?

    and are you a noob?

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