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Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by chansigril, Aug 20, 2006.

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    have a relative of paige's who is looking to swap a motor out of a 91 gsx into a 91 gs-t. well they're talons actually but he's basically looking to pull an awd turbo motor out of a car with body damage and drop it into a fwd turbo car with a blown motor. both have manual transmissions.

    can somebody more familiar with the dsm platform answer the following:

    1. will the fwd turbo trans bolt right up to the awd turbo motor? i seem to remember there being a difference in the flywheel/clutch but don't recall the details.

    2. are the blocks the same, i.e. mounting points, ecu etc? i believe they are if memory serves but would like some verification :)

    anything else need to be changed or modified? i'm assuming not, i think the 91 awd and 91 fwd turbo are nearly the same vehicle but would love any info anybody can provide that i can pass along. thanks folks!
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    Your going to need to switch flywheels but other than that you should be fine. Make sure the dowel lines up on the crank/flywheel. That's only other problem I found but I took a manual to a auto and it was a 90 to 91 thing.

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