ART Dubai, part 1. v. ballin'


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May 23, 2006
This place was mental. Like Vegas on turbodrive. Total playground for the rich. But there's a dodgy, weird underside that you occasionally see. And as a photographer, we aren't popular. It is forbidden to take photos of women, especially emiraties (i.e. the native population).. and people have had camera grabbed and smashed before.

So I took minimal gear on a day-to-day basis. 10-20 most of the time, and an 85 in a small bag.

Story here:

1. "Dune bashing". Being taken out in a 4x4 into the desert and the guy drives like a fucking lunatic trying to kill you. It's great fun. The car is sideways. All the handholds inside the car were already broken off, and the seatbelts were fucked too.

2. Our escaped mental patient driver

3. Gorgeous arabian sunset.. pic doesn't do it justice I'm afraid

4. Some traditional dancing - very clever actually. The guy spins these plates and his "dress". Used flash with rear curtain sync.. didn't turn out exactly as planned, but not bad. And that head is some damn indian guy who wouldn't fucking sit down.

5. om nom nom, belly dancing. This girl had moves that make beyonce look like a quadriplegic. She was balancing that stick on her tits, then ass, and even on her waist/hip and then shaking it. Every guy was staring so hard.
Flash batteries dead by this point, so up to iso3200 and f2


7. Every hotel room has an arrow on the ceiling pointing to Mecca so that you know where to pray :coolugh:

8. We were staying in a 5 star so every morning we got this

9. Mall of the Emirates. This corridor is about half a mile long

10. Even the shopping malls are baller

11. Sorry cfk, it's not straight. But this is typical dubai. This huge subway exist goes nowhere. Just opens out onto an empty patch of wasteland. When you have a huge amount of space and almost infinite money, they build infrastructure before there is any demand for it. I'm sure eventually stuff will be build around this subway station.

12. Subway entrances are baller too, but this one is near to absolutely nothing.

13. weeeeeeeeee, back up the escalator we go!

14. The Burj Al Arab. Self-proclaimed 7 star hotel. We were turned down at the gates this night (dress code)

15. So we went back the next afternoon for british tea.. at a bargain price of £90 (like $140 for tea and cakes) :eek4:

16. This is a hotel lobby unlike no other. Impossible to show in pictures really. You can make out the shape of the giant sail, but it's a total headfuck.

17. The view straight up. The blue triangle is the very top point of the building.

18. Used the 85 to pick out some nice geometric shapes and colours...



21. Lobby fountain

22. This ballin' arab guy turned up in a chauffered rolls royce and was met by 4-5 people from the hotel, including the guy in the suit. His entourage then came in a bus and all followed him in :eek4:

A room here is about $2000/night. The most expensive room is about $35,000 per night. The sultan of brunei has one whole floor of the hotel permanently booked for himself, just in case he fancies a visit.

23. The whole hotel is on an artificial island, and these weird shaped concrete blocks are to break up waves and absorb energy so they can't crash into the hotel.

24. Afternoon tea. Yes, they *are* gold flakes on my cappucino

25. Burk Khalifa. Tallest building in the world. This photo sucks, but it shows you how stupidly ridiculously big it is. Over 800m in total.

26. This is the view from observation deck, only 450m up.. still quite high. The water and fountain down there was made by the same guy who did the bellagio in vegas.


28. This is how much building was still above us (another 1000ft)

29. Atlantis aquarium.. again, another ridiculous project. Build on the end of the "palm" sequence of artificial islands in the sea, this is squariam is fucking massive and has 65,000 fish.. a complete ecosystem that needs very little human involvement.

30. Steve Irwin killers, sharks and tons of other crazy shit in there.

31. Everything is as epic as possible

32. Even the roof

33. The other side of Dubai. Empty, half finished building that have just been abandoned when the money ran out. Oops. They all have 12 lane highways supplying them which are totally empty and covered in sand.
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May 23, 2006
Part two in a day or so once I get my other files from my friends computer.

(Some of you might remember I had an SD card go corrupt so I restored the files to his laptop)


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Aug 13, 2003
Los Angeles makes opulent a starting point when trying to describe that place and your pictures. The pics of the hotel are


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Feb 9, 2007
That's wild. One day that place will be like the baller version of abandoned Detroit.


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Nov 25, 2004
Cool architecture shots. Actually, these are some of the more interesting Dubai photos I've seen to date (from the few that I've seen, but still...).

charles foster kane

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Feb 14, 2007

LOL subway entrance


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May 23, 2006

Some of those buildings are pretty impressive

Will part 2 have more pictures from the "other" side of Dubai?

Yup, definitely

And more "local" stuff.. i.e. non-tourist areas, local markets, mosques etc

I've got a ton of stories to share too from my friends uncle, who lives there.. it's a fucked up place behind all this money and appearance.


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May 23, 2006
Cool architecture shots. Actually, these are some of the more interesting Dubai photos I've seen to date (from the few that I've seen, but still...).

Cool thanks. Next set will be more off the tourist track.

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